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How to earn $money$ while uploading Games/Movies/Music/XxX Tips and Tricks
09-02-2011, 01:16 PM
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How to earn $money$ while uploading Games/Movies/Music/XxX Tips and Tricks
Want to earn huge cash from uploading?
You don't go for multiposter. You don't post your uploads on multiple forums, you can't maintain your links alive longer than 24h if release is hot. Your links die and you don't reupload, your reputation goes down, you get nothing, so, there is no point in posting on 300 forums.
What you need is:

1. Site that doesn't show up in google as 1st or on search at all (hence your links will last longer)
2. You need one of those sites, that make huge daily traffic, community based sites, which you will hardly find in google. Don't look for english sites, they are way overcrowded, search for japanese, german, french, spanish, polish warez places.
3. You need a niche. If you upload console games, stick to console games.
4. You need to push trough to get reputation, to either be payed VIP, moderator, etc..
5. Your posts must not be shematic, means you don't print them. DON'T use bots. Make a topic that will interact with users, you want replies, you want your topic to be seen.
You MUST TEST what you've uploaded, because you will have to put your own feelings there, about release you've uploaded. You must describe, or provide screenshots about installation process, or virustotal test, or screenshots that aren't blurred (took with mtn)
People MUST TRUST YOU. Best way is to lurk around the forum, to see who's the guy who regularly downloads first, and leaves reply, and get friendly with him. If he says, reupload, you are already pasting new links. No questions asked. Politeness, always. Never EVER bully downloaders, even if your competition wants to take you down, with new nickname, always be polite.

If you stick with niche, you don't need 100s of threads daily. Just maintain your links live.

When you post new topic, be on it as much as possible daily, for first 2 days, untill it rolls with replies. You need as much as possible positive replies on 1st page.
You also need someone who REALLY downloaded and tested, and who can screensnap either game, or movie, to provide proof. People don't like to waste bandwidth on huge downloads (games, blurays, DVDRs), they always want someone to testify, and verify for them.

Complete packages of whatever are also veeery good. Like collection of audio books (example CAD books), music videos of certain artist, or all seasons of one tv shows, or all episodes of some anime cartoon. Complete site-rips, also. (porn)

If you go for porn, average pron isnt that downloaded as some , at least for me, fetish like.
So, find fetish niche.

how to earn via filehosts

filesonic is the most powerful and the winning host till now for uploaders after "FileServe" filesonic is good for those who uploads warez/porn if you know how to get sales/premium sales you can just put the affiliate system to "Pay Per Sale" plan so you can earn a good amount of money atleast, if you are worried that you will not get sales or you don't know how to work with sales just follow these methods, just upload as much as you can and you'll see your rank and your earning will imporve day/by/day

if you think you can get good downloads like atleast 500/600 downloads per day then you can switch to "Pay Per Download" plan so you can earn good amount of "$$$" without waiting for premium sales Wink

fileserve is the first filehost which became very famous/stable/and awesome filehost for all uploaders, there is no "Pay Per Sale" or "ReBills" plan only "Pay Per Download" but don't worry you will earn more than filesonic if you work with fileserve more than filesonic "but if you only switch to Pay Per Sale on filesonic" so atleast you can put your uploads on big sites and get some sales

i know guys you are worried why did i mention "RapidShare" and "MegaUpload" since Rapidshare aren't paying anymore but mu does but yeah its too slow etc... well first let me go with rapidshare, rapidshare is dead for uploaders but downloaders still loves rapidshare they download files from rapidshare if you put a mirror of rapidshare with filesonic etc.. well this is a trick to get few sales and good downloads also, you need to use rapidshare "don't worry about paying you are already going to make few good bucks from other filehosts Tongue" you can use either MediaFire or MegaUpload to impress users if you don't need rapidshare, i use rapidshare for specially "Warez-BB" and "TehParadox" people still loves my posts why? just because i'm posting rapidshare links with other filehosts so just do this

upload your movie/game whatever you are uploading with "FileServe/FileSonic" (these are your primary filehosts)
and put rapidshare or mediafire or megaupload atleast so people will visit your thread and they will try to download the file they want but how many times/days they will download? rapidshare still deleting files very fast, so just don't re up the rs links if it goes down just make a state saying "RS Links down you can use FileServe or FileSonic" links to download your movie/game etc... people will had to move and download from another host they will not report you saying he is not re uploading etc... why? because you will stop adding rs links etc... so just do this thing

2nd thing, when you upload the file on any filehost even if its 5GB file just upload a file upto "402MB" and upload that file on every filehost, so with that FileSonic will force users to buy premium accounts to download the files larger than 402MB and rapidshare will force users to buy premium for downloading files larger than 201MB , so with that few users will buy accounts of filesonic and if they are lazy to buy or if they ignore it you already uploaded on FileServe also they will be forced to download from FileServe xD thats it

i heard users earning 300$/week from oron i was just figuring out how??? and they get 10 sales a day atleast!!! then i found a way they don't upload "Movies/Games/Music/Videos" the thing they upload is "Porn/XxX" they post only on Oron and FileSonic they switch to plan "Pay Per Sale" so they are almost in "100% Profit" how? first they are not providing "RS/FS" or any filehost they are only giving "Oron and FileSonic" and both of them force users to buy premium accounts =) well i hope you got the answer what to do? if you are a porn user just use this method atleast a week and give me a review how was your week Big Grin

note: if you upload only 1 content in a day or two and post it in a new site or only 1 big site you will not get a shit, try to post it regularly atleast on 5-6 sites and you will see yourself result Smile

Warez users can just register in following sites and start sharing your content there to post the warez and earn some bucks

Forums, (for games/applications)

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